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Ryan Rourke

Financial Advisor

Ryan has worked in the financial industry since 2012. With an economics degree from Cornell University and a law degree from Seattle University, Ryan serves his clients with a well-rounded perspective that draws from an educational background in estate planning, taxation, and business law.

Ryan started Terra Firma Financial Group at Northwest Asset Management in 2023 to provide focused fiduciary services to a limited number of clients. As a fiduciary, Ryan is able to both provide investment advice and to advise on the moments where money intersects with everything else in life.

This creates a space where clients receive great personalized attention in an industry that can feel transactional. Ryan aims to develop long-term relationships with his clients so together they can make positive financial decisions for current and future generations.

Outside of work, Ryan enjoys adventuring outdoors with his wife and three children. They especially love skiing, cycling, and hiking. Ryan occasionally competes in basketball leagues to relive his "glory days" as a college and professional athlete.

Ryan Rourke
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