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Investment Expertise

We understand that every client has unique goals and risk tolerance and we design an investment strategy for those unique circumstances. Our process includes defining goals, assessing risk, developing a strategy, implementing the strategy, and monitoring progress.

Dynamic Investing Group

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Our Vision

The Dynamic Investing Group Vision. Our goal is to create and manage investment portfolios by aligning their holdings with prevailing market trends. We also provide Institutional clients with specialized investment services and products that they can combine with their existing portfolios to potentially improve overall performance. We strive to provide superior personal service, be transparent, credible, trusted to put the client’s needs first, and creative and innovative in finding ways to positively impact our clients.

We focus on what is important.​

The Dynamic Investing Group specializes in creating and actively managing global investment models that dynamically allocate portfolios based on current market trends.  Our Dynamic Allocation and Specialized Portfolios combine the time-tested principles of Modern Portfolio Theory and Strategic Asset Allocation with our proprietary Tactical Asset Allocation strategies. These portfolios invest in traditional securities such as exchange traded funds (ETFs) because they are liquid, transparent and allow us to invest in the strongest trends wherever they might be found in the world.

Our first priority is to avoid catastrophic loss, which is why the foundation of our philosophy is risk management.  We use a battery of “trend following” indicators to measure and manage risk in all of our investment portfolios.  Once risk is managed our focus turns to generating return by positioning assets to take advantage of those positively trending market sectors with the best risk/reward characteristics.  We use various “relative strength” indicators to identify the areas of strength and weakness within the markets to help us choose the specific holdings to invest each of our model portfolios in.

Technology is used to collect and evaluate extensive market information across all major asset classes daily; this allows us to identify the stronger areas to invest in and the weaker ones to avoid.  Technology has enabled our analysts and strategic partners to upgrade asset allocation strategies similarly to how meteorologists improved their weather forecasts once they stopped relying on outdated tools such as weather balloons and reporting stations and started using real time satellite images and Doppler radar.  Our Dynamic Investing philosophy accepts the fact that investment markets are constantly changing; making the use of the long-term historical relationships of securities, risk, return and correlation useless and dangerous in making real time investment decisions.


Trend Following


Risk Management


Strategy Creation

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